Smart Charging

The term “Smart Charging” originates in the Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP). The so called “Feature Profile” standardizes how the power-output of a charging station can be controlled by a Chargepoint Management System (CPMS). Related to this: Cloudbased energy-management within a smart grid.

The following three “Smart Charging Profiles” (SCP) should be kept in mind:

ChargePointMax: Limits the Power in kW (or the Current in Ampere per Phase) of an entire charging station (across all charge points).

Gridware will set this value to match the capacity of the input lead (if it has a relevant limit).

Smart Charging Profile TxDefault

TxDefault: Tells the charging station which electrical current (in Ampere per phase) should be used at the start of any new charging process.

Gridware will, of course, never set this higher that the base-load value. This way, offline-capability is always guaranteed.

Smart Charging Profile TxProfile

TxProfile: cControls the electric current (in Ampere per phase) for a specific charging process. If necessary a time limitation will be included.

The energy-management in Gridware can change the TxProfile at the end of each balancing-interval. That will happen whenever the desired change in current is bigger than the (configurable) balancing-significance.

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